I have never been more enthusiastic about a retail outlet in my life. I have been dealing with Riders since the 80s. I remember trying to get my Scooter going for Daytona one year. The guy that sold me the darn thing had packed up and left town. Meanwhile on 1st Av N, the guy that was getting greasy and sweating over it with me, was Tim Peak. Fast forward to present. The staff at Riders is currently bending over backwards to accommodate my vision of Psycho Billys Perfect Sportster. Which could never be possible without the knowledge, expertise, and patience of Service Manager Cody Henderson and the rest of the staff. All have been very so courteous, helpful, and encouraging. I LOVE THESE GUYS(and ladies). (Employee: Cody Henderson, Keith Smith, Keith Edwards, Tim Peek, Will Peek)
Bill O’Daniel
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